¡Hasta luego! from Perú

Journal Entry:

I am so excited to continue working and enjoying this beautiful country. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to write about my experiences on this blog. It has made me much more reflective about what I was doing and learning here in Perú. 

I am doing research on the ways girls' and womens' soccer programs can contribute to a student's physical, academic and emotional well-being. I am doing lots of background research this month on the history of women's soccer in Perú, current soccer events in Perú and educational movements in Perú. I have been reading a lot of reports and newspaper articles, watching documentaries and interviewing experts in the field.

After doing background research, I plan on conducting surveys with youth soccer players to learn more about the impact that having equal sports opportunities has on students. My goal is to collaborate (work together) with teachers and coaches to make lesson plans and programs that can help bring movement and mindfulness into the classroom.

I work from home, in libraries and in cafes. I have enjoyed exploring different work spots in my neighborhood! I think I have found a favorite cafe where I enjoy studying and taking notes. 

When I am not working I enjoy spending time on the rocky beach of Lima.