Baozi and Other Beautiful Food

In the States, I was never a fan of cabbage but I think the mixture of the particular sauce and meats enriched the overall flavor. 

Only the cumin chicken disappointed me, and that was because there wasn’t enough meat on the bones. For this food, the purpose is to quickly nibble and move on. It’s a popular snack to have and is the hot wings version of China if you will. 

The dry tofu with meat and hot pepper had an odd texture but the taste was fun and spicy. My taste buds were dancing in my mouth.

Lastly are the pig ears. The closest thing I could compare this to is pork chops. It’s a chewy meat and doesn’t have much fat on it. The taste is bland but not in a bad way. 

How did I feel when I tried it?:

I felt satisfied after lunch. Chinese food has been so delicious that I typically overeat. I overate at lunch that day but I didn’t mind because later my boss and I would do a lot of walking at Beiling park. Chinese food isn’t exactly filling, and the portions are usually small. However, food is served on a spinning table and the revolving plates are mesmerizing. After four to five spins, I usually find myself having eaten way more than I should have.

In particular, the pig ears and cumin chicken left me desiring more. They were good starter treats and wetted my taste buds for later dishes. The dry tofu left a hot sensation in the mouth, so I lowered the temperature with some water and juice. I finished my meal with the pork and sour cabbage stew. This meal was sweet, sour, chewy and had a delightful crunch upon impact. I have a sweet tooth, so I naturally gravitated towards this meal. After a small plate serving, I tapped out and stop eating.