Salix Babylonica

People used to chew the bark of willow trees to treat inflammation and pain. Also, a compound isolated from the bark called salicin is used in the production of aspirin. There are many more compounds that have been used from the willow tree.  

What can harm this creature or plant? Are we worried about it?:

We are not worried about this tree! The weeping willow is fascinatingly resilient and can survive in a plethora of climates and regions in the world. They also provide a lot of medicinal benefits to humans so we are motivated to protect them in the case of endangerment. Also, weeping willows grow fast (three meters a year) and have a life-span of 50-75 years. This isn’t long for compared to most trees but the pace at which they grow and adaptability ensure their long term survival. 

Shenyang, China