Looking Forward To Old Age

Because of this, many clubs, groups and activities have been developed for those over 65 to fill their time. This way, citizens can remain social and active, while also enjoying the time they have.

Is this need being met? How?:

There are many different activities that elderly people take part in. Instead of living in a retirement home (like many older people in America do), many older Chinese people live with their children. In fact, this is the norm. This way, grandparents can help take care of their grandchildren. However, this is not the only thing they do. Because people do not live in retirement homes, retirees have to venture out on their own to socialize, rather than attend pre-planned parties. Most of these activities take place in the morning or in the evening. For example, in the morning you can find people practicing 太极 (taiji, tai chi) or Chinese calligraphy (书法, shufa) on the sidewalk. Those who practice calligraphy use water and a large broom-like calligraphy brush to paint on the sidewalk. At night, many people visit the track. Some meet up with friends to walk around, others come to practice badminton, and others participate in 广场舞 (guangchang wu), or dancing in the public square. This activity is famous in China, as many retirees will meet up to dance together. In fact, there are so many different activities for retirees in China that many people say that being young and being old are the best times of your life!

Wuhan, China