An Unexpected Math Quiz


Jayden is seven years old and he’s in the second grade. His hair is short and black. He carries a green camo L.L Bean backpack, which he got when he lived in America. Jayden is my colleague’s son, who I tutor in English twice a week. He attends the Wuhan University of Technology Elementary School, which is located right next to my office building. This makes it easy for Jayden to come to my office after school for English tutoring. Together, we read books, play English grammar games and just chat. Jayden is extremely sharp and loves to quiz people. Let’s see what he has in store for you!

For reference: All the bolded words are when I am speaking. When Jayden is speaking, the words will be in quotation marks.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

So Jayden, what do you eat for breakfast? "Nothing!" He says with a grin. 

You don’t eat breakfast!? "Well, sometimes I do. I eat eggs." What kind of eggs? He thinks for a minute before grabbing a sheet of paper and drawing a picture of a sunny-side-up egg.

So what do you eat for lunch? "Rice, or pasta, fish, chicken… lots of things! Cucumbers! Orange peels. Sometimes I eat bones in school. I think I eat all the bones, yummy! I eat everything!"

Haha, okay you eat bones at school.