The Wuhan Native

I wonder how I will feel once I return to my small, barely-populated hometown in Connecticut?

Where does it live?:

You’ll most likely find that people live in apartments or dorms. Wuhan can be simplified as a huge college town and much of the population is made up of students. This being said, most of the students live in on-campus dorms. Other than that, people live in tall apartment buildings, which accommodate the city’s large population.

How does it use its environment to survive?:

The city caters to the people living in its depths. You can find food just about anywhere; every street has a convenient store where you can buy water and snacks. This is particularly important since you cannot drink the tap water in China. Moreover, food stalls and shops line the streets so food is never out of reach. This allows people to eat on-the-go while still getting to their destination.

What can harm this creature or plant? Are we worried about it?:

Though we are in no way close to extinction, we most definitely are worried about humans and their well-being--especially in regards to air pollution. The air pollution in Wuhan can be pretty harsh, and most people choose to wear face masks, particularly during the winter season. Furthermore, there are times when the tallest buildings in Wuhan are obscured in mist, not because it is foggy or cloudy, but just because of the sheer amount of pollution in the air. It can be a bit overwhelming, but I try and wear a mask when I go out. Plus, I plan on buying an air purifier for the coming months.

Wuhan, China