Oh, The Places You’ll Go (and How You’ll Get There)


It's important to be able to get around in a massive city like Wuhan, so one of the first things I did upon arrival was look into the various transportation options--especially public transportation. So much of how people move through the city is determined by Wuhan's general environment, and in a pretty short period of time, I've already tried five different ways of getting where I need to go!

How do people get around?:

Motorbikes (电动车, diandong che) whiz down every street. Just about everyone rides them: delivery men, parents picking up their kids from school, students, the elderly... everyone! These motorbikes are very convenient in Wuhan because they can zip between cars when there is traffic. They also don’t have to follow the same traffic laws as cars and sometimes even ride on the sidewalk.

You have to pay attention when you walk around in Wuhan, especially since pedestrians don’t necessarily have the right of way. You may have to dodge motorbikes, regular bikes or even car sometime. You definitely wouldn’t want to walk and text at the same time here. Besides, if you did, you’d miss all the delicious street food! 

Biking is also a convenient way to travel, especially if you’re not going too far. In Wuhan, there are a lot of city bikes.