The Ever-Growing City

No wonder the city’s motto is: “武汉每天不一样!”(Wuhan meitian bu yiyang), or “Wuhan, different every day!”

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, Wuhan is very people-oriented--it has to be. Every aspect of the city considers the population’s convenience: the public transportation systems, the city layout, even the stores and food stands. Actually, the stores--convenience stores in-particular--are great examples to illustrate how Wuhan’s environment aids its people.

Most convenience stores, or corner stores, are open 24/7; there are usually multiple different ones within the same area. You can pretty much find anything under the sun at one of these corner stores. You can get safe drinking water, health items, soft drinks, pre-packaged snacks (like chips), pre-prepared meals (sandwiches, rice dishes, etc.), or you can even order a hot meal to eat there or take away. These stores are Wuhan’s citizens' one-stop shop for any of their needs. I know I find myself frequenting the corner store near me at least once a week, if not more!

What challenges do people face living in this environment?:

The biggest challenge to living in such a populated city is the amount of pollution that travels through the air every day. Imagine all the cars and vehicles that travel through Wuhan’s streets--that’s a lot of carbon monoxide --not to mention the other pollutants. Though there are street cleaners who sweep and wash the streets continuously every day, they cannot clean the air with a broom. So, many people resort to wearing masks to reduce direct contact with pollutants.