Exeter, UK
50.718412000000, -3.533899000000
Journal Entry:

My time as a Reach the World Traveler is coming to an end, and as I write my final article, I would like to reflect on my time in the city of Exeter as a Reach the World Traveler. It feels like yesterday when I made it to Exeter after three flights and almost 24 hours of traveling. I remember being tired, anxious and excited all at the same time. I remember the conversation that I had with my taxi driver as I made my way to my new home for the next four months. He told me that he was an immigrant from Morocco, who has lived in Exeter for 16 years. We talked about the city and how wonderful it is. He told me about the people, what restaurants to visit, and how to make my way through the city. The conversation that I had with the driver really set the tone for my time in Exeter for the next few months.

During my time in Exeter, I have learned many things about traveling, life outside the United States and myself. This trip has given me many firsts. I had my first flight, my first trip outside the United States, and my first train ride. I have learned to always speak up when you're confused. It was the time I took the wrong train and ended up in the next town over that taught me that. I remembered being scared and confused because I was stuck in Starcross, U.K. at night all alone.