Education Empowering Change

Ciudad Quesada
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Journal Entry:

In many Costa Rican communities, where adversities shape lived experiences, education emerges as a source of hope, illuminating paths once obscured by poverty, race, and gender issues. From the bustling urban centers to the rural landscapes and indigenous communities, Costa Rica's journey of progress demonstrates the transformative power of education. Within these diverse landscapes, education has served as a catalyst for change, transcending contextual barriers and allowing dreams to grow. Let’s explore different contexts Costa Rica and how education has empowered urban youth, indigenous populations, and rural communities alike, creating opportunity amidst adversity. 

In the urban centers of Costa Rica, such as San José and Limón, the challenges of poverty, crime, and drug trafficking are prominent. According to recent studies by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC), the poverty rate in Costa Rican urban areas stands at around 20%, with significant differences between neighborhoods.