White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys Surrounding Quesada


Two weekends ago, I went to San Vicente, a small town in the mountains that surround Ciudad Quesada with my friend Alejandro and his family. We explored the town and stopped by a local market that featured all local, women-owned businesses. The views from San Vicente were absolutely breathtaking; we could see the entire valley below. We stopped at my friend's aunt and uncle's home in San Vicente where they have a large plot of land and trails to explore. One of my favorite parts of this day-trip was the tranquility of the nature surrounding me. While wandering through these trails, I had the opportunity to see (and take amazing photos of) some white-faced capuchin monkeys up-close and personal. 

What does this creature or plant look like?:

Imagine a medium-sized monkey swinging from branch to branch with incredible agility. Their fur is primarily a deep brown, providing a stark contrast to the white fur that frames their expressive faces. This white facial fur extends from their forehead down to their cheeks and their upper chest, encircling their amber colored eyes. Their muscular tail acts as an extra limb, helping them move about the forest canopy.