Xochitl's Journey to South Korea

Current Location

Seoul, South Korea

안녕하세요! Hi, how are you? My name is Xochitl, and I am super excited to share my journey with you all about South Korea! I am currently doing a semester abroad at Yonsei University this fall. Join me!


Hi everyone! I recently traveled to Busan, a port city in southeast South Korea, and I had a phenomenal time. It was the perfect weekend getaway!


Sadly, our time together is now coming to an end. I want to share some last thoughts as well as some thank-yous, because you have all been a part of my journey in South Korea, too!

Field Notes

While in South Korea, I have had the opportunity to try many amazing and delicious dishes. Most of the dishes I eat on a daily basis are both authentic and traditional. 


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