Andrew's Journey to Vietnam

Current Location

Can Tho, Vietnam

Hey, I'm Andrew! I'm thrilled to tell you all about my journey as an English teacher and a student of Vietnamese language and culture here in Can Tho!


Every day in Vietnam is interesting. Just when I feel like I'm starting to get settled into a normal routine, things change around here!


I'm disappointed to be wrapping up our experience together as world travelers, but I'm so glad to have shared some of my life with you all. I hope some day soon you can all see the wonders of Vietnam!

Field Notes

Life as a 14-year-old in Can Tho is always interesting for Bill. He has so many different hobbies and aspirations, and I was lucky enough to hear all about them. 


Meet some of my favorite people in Vietnam. I've told you all about what I like to do around Can Tho, so now I'd like to introduce you to some of the wonderful people I get to see every day.