Humans of Can Tho


Ken is an awesome guy who makes custom leather products for a living. He also has some pretty awesome hair, doesn't he?
This is Huan. He's always getting me to try new foods, from field mouse and frog legs to grilled snake and chicken feet
Po lives at the orphanage where I volunteer on the weekends. He's full of energy and always wants a piggy back ride as soon as I get to the house!
Thuy works with my youth empowerment project, and we've become great friends. She also has an affinity for potted plants, which I find hilarious
This handsome dude is my housemate, co-fellow and best friend in Vietnam, Jack!
Huyen Le is passionate about education, and she's full of laughs when she teaches her students at the university and the English center.
Loc is one of my best friends in Can Tho, and he's an absolute goofball!
Jane is one of my students, a volunteer with my youth empowerment project and a teacher at Huyen's English center. She's considering traveling abroad after she graduates college next year