Vietnam Through Bill's Eyes


Phạm Anh Quân loves playing soccer, listening to music and learning about Physics. He is 14 years old and goes by Bill. He speaks English really well. We became quick friends when I met him on one of my first days in Can Tho, and he graciously agreed to talk to me so I could learn some more about what it's like being a kid in Vietnam.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

For breakfast, I eat rice with pork or sometimes noodles and wontons. Lunch is usually rice and fish, and dinner is the same thing but with soup.

What is your house like?:

My house is an English center, so every day there are hundreds of people going in and out. We live upstairs, and downstairs is where we teach.

What chores do you have at home?:

I help with the classes. I'm one of the teaching assistants here, and I usually wash dishes and clean the house when everyone is busy.

What jobs do your parents have?:

My parents are lecturers at the university. My mom teaches English education and my dad teaches mechanical engineering.

What time does school start, and what time do you go home?:

School starts at 6:45 AM, in the morning, and let's out at 11:25 AM.