Until Next Time, Friends!

This experience has taught me so many lessons about myself and other people, but I think one of the most important takeaways I’ve learned is that by surrounding yourself with good friends, you can make anywhere your home. Because Vietnam is different from the United States in many ways, I have felt intimidated and unsure about my place here at times. However, I’m lucky enough to have great friendships with people who support me, and it's those kinds of relationships that remind me of home and give me confidence that this land isn’t so foreign, after all.

I hope through our time together you’ve learned a bit more about Vietnam, from its beautiful people and delicious cuisine to its rich traditions and unique perspectives. I’m so honored to have had the privilege of sharing my experience with all of you. You asked insightful questions and demonstrated a keen interest in educating yourselves about the world. I’ve benefitted from this opportunity to immerse myself in Vietnamese culture. I’m confident that you will all have the chance to do something similar in the future. Whether it’s exploring a new neighborhood in New York, another state in the U.S. or another country in a faraway land, you can travel the world in your own way -- so go see it! Go as near or as far away from home as you’d like, stay curious, ask a lot of questions, and, most importantly, always be ready to listen. Remember that there’s a whole lot to learn from people who are different from yourself.

Thank you again for inviting me into your classroom, and I can’t wait to see where you guys end up in the world. Until next time. Xin chao!