Nature News

Number of sunny days this week: 4
Number of cloudy days this week: 2
Number of rainy days this week: 1
What is the air temperature right now in Fahrenheit?: 62
How was the weather this week?:

The weather during autumn is just perfect. The low sixties allow you to layer with sweaters and long sleeves without the need of the puffer jackets seen later during winter. The occasional sunny days motivate you to go out and do activities such as sightseeing and bicycle riding, while the cool nights are fun for going to cafes or a good restaurant for warm meals. 

What animals did I see this week? :

I was surprised to see more animals during autumn than summer. I was able to see squirrels, birds and even an ostrich during my trip to Nami Island. My residence was home to a few singing birds with long black tails and many giant butterflies and spiders that lingered in the flowers.

What was the coolest thing I saw in nature this week?:

I was delighted to see a little chipmunk gathering nuts along one of the trails of the island. It allowed me to get very close before it started to back away, but even during his retreat he acted as if he was curious to interact. There was also a gathering of what looked like crows or ravens at a construction site, but I decided it was not a good idea to get too close.