The Environment's Impact in Seoul South Korea


South Korea has a very different type of landscape and environmental values to the ones I am familiar with back home in Central Florida. It's been inspiring to see the thought people put into conservation in the past and how the environment affects people here in their everyday life. 

What makes this environment special or different?:

The mountains and hills are the biggest aspect that make Korea's environment special. Perhaps this type of scenery is very common for many people all over the world, even people in the United States; however, for me mountains are still something new to be seeing and living around!

Another thing that is very distinct in terms of Korea's environment is that they have a clear four seasons here. Back in Florida it's common to say that we only have two seasons: wet and dry. It has, therefore, been extremely new to me to see the clear change in the seasons. From the air, to the flowers, to the rain, and the temperature, it's very clear whenever there is a change. The most noticeable change is the flowers changing: they are breathtakingingly beautiful and very different to the plants around where I live in Florida.