My Interview With David


After reaching my site, I was immediately curious to learn all I could from my community. I made a local friend, David, who agreed to open his home and share his life and routines with me, demonstrating that the cultures of Mozambique and the United States are more alike than different.

What is your full name?:

My full name is David João David Meque.

Where do you live? What is your house like?:

I live in the vila Messica, which is in central Mozambique. I stay close to where I work and close to the road, so I never have to walk far for what I need! My house has three bedrooms and a living room. Because I live with my two sisters, my brother and uncle, we all share the three bedrooms and leave the living room open for visitors. Costs for electricity and food are also divided amongst us since we all work. We enjoy living this way because it's important to remain with your family as long as you can.  A picture of my home is included in this article for everyone to view!

What is your family like?:

My parents both died by the time I was 13 of unknown illnesses. After that, I, along with my older brother and two younger sisters, moved from the large city of Beira to rural Messica to live with my aunt and uncle. When my aunt and uncle separated, I decided to remain with my uncle in the main vila so I could attend school.