Asado por Primera Vez (Asado for the First Time)


Argentina is known as one of the most multiethnic societies in the world next to the United States. This means that many different cultures have influenced the country and continue to thrive there, while helping to shape Argentine traditions. Many Argentines have ancestry from European countries like Spain, Italy and Germany.

Before my journey, I had heard a certain preconception (assumption) that all Latin American food tastes the same. When you come to Argentina, however, you can see that this is not the case. While some Latin American countries may share a diet of heavy spices and traditional staples like corn, beans and rice, Argentina carries a tradition of pastas, croissants, pizzas and grilled meats. In the city of Buenos Aires, you will find more than just Argentine food, and may be able to see some familiar restaurants from your own country. Recently, I got to try one of Argentina's most popular dishes. Read on to learn more!

What food did I try?:

I did not grow up eating pork or beef, yet I chose to move to a country that thrives on asado. Asado is grilled meat (asar means "to grill" in Spanish). Argentine people typically grill slabs of steak, ribs and sausage during an asado gathering. Everyone comes together and enjoys the asado as a community.