Living on the Bay


Bahía Blanca translates to "White Bay." A bay is a rounded inlet on the coast that is fed by the sea. White Bay is a small town of about 300,000 inhabitants and is very important to Argetnina's economy simply beause of its geographical location. Read on to find out why this bay is so important, not only to the economy of the country as a whole but also to the inhabitants and families of Bahía Blanca!

What makes this environment special or different?:

The city of Bahía Blanca is especially important because it is one of Argentina's largest trans-shipping and commercial centers. This area of Argentina exports large amounts of grain, oil, wool and fruit, making Bahía Blanca an important part of the country's economy. Bahía Blanca's two largest exports are petroleum (representing about 60% of all exports) and grains (about 16%).

Bahía Blanca is home to a port called "Ingeniero White," which the locals refer to as "White" (pronounced why-tay). Ingeniero White lies about 10 kilometers from the city and is considered a small town as well as an important port. All of the major exports shipped from Bahía Blanca leave from Ingeniero White, since the port lies in a bay. The bay makes it easy for ships to dock and load exports to be sent out, hence the name Bahía Blanca.