My Friend Hector Rayo


Hector is a very simple guy and likes a lot of the same things that many of you may like. This interview was conducted in Spanish, because that is his native language, so I had to record and translate Hector's responses. It was interesting acting as a translator for a little bit. It is definitely not as easy as it may sound to some! Read along to learn a little more about my friend. Maybe you will see some similarities between your life and the life Hector lives. 

What is your full name?:

"My full name is Hector Alfonso Gamboa Rayo. It is common in Argentina to have a long name. Most people have about one or two middle names. My first name is very common here. I have about three or four friends with the same name. A little known fact is that Hector Alfonso Gamboya is the name of my uncle. It is a tradition in many families to share the same name as another family member.

My last name is my mother's last name, even though my parents are married. I have my mother's last name because my father's last name is Gamboa. If I had my father's last name, my name would have been Hector Alfonso Gamboa Gamboa! So, my parents decided to just give me my mother's last name to make it less confusing. This is not common in Argentina. I just have a complicated name!"