Six Years of High School: The Life of a Young Argentinian

Where do you eat lunch? What is your favorite food?:

"I sometimes eat lunch at home or at my grandparents house. We also go to McDonalds for lunch and I like to order the McPollo Junior. However, my favorite food here is milanesa with papas fritas (french fries). I prefer to eat the milanesa made with beef, although we also have milanesa made with chicken."

What language do you speak at school? How do you say "Hello" in your language?:

"In school we are always speaking Spanish. The only time I don't speak Spanish is when I'm in my hardest class, English. In my language we say "hola" or "buenas" to greet someone. Sometimes we say "hello" with an Argentine accent, so it really sounds like we are saying "hallo."

What are some common kids' names at your school?:

"Some common boy names are Matias, Martín and Tomás. I have a lot of friends with those names. Some common girl names are María (very common), Sofía and Valentina. I have about five friends with the name of Valentina. In class, if the teacher calls on someone with the name Valentina, you will always have to ask, 'Which one?'" 

What subjects do you study in school, and which one is your favorite?:

In school, I take classes in math, physics, literature, biology, history, English, computer operations, theory of businesses, religion (because I go to a Catholic school) and physical education. My favorite is physical education because we get to play fútbol (soccer) a lot and it is my favorite sport."