Thank you!

Journal Entry:

First off, thank you for being such a great class for me to share my stories and experiences with! Here in Spain, I am working with preschool students this year so now have experience with younger elementary students, which is great for me, professionally. However, I also really enjoyed being able to talk to students (you!) who are closer to my age and to have conversations about the world and about the future. I have really enjoyed and appreciated this experience!

I wanted also to give you some parting advice before this penpal journey ends. I have learned so much from this year in Spain that it is hard to know where to start! Mostly, I feel so much more mature and independent since the start of the year because I have had so many enriching experiences while in Spain. It has been really challenging in some ways, but it's cool to look back and be proud of myself for getting through those challenges. If you ever have the chance to go abroad or live in another culture, I would one hundred percent take the opportunity. And if you choose not to go abroad, I would encourage you to keep challenging yourself and putting yourself out of your comfort zone. My personality is really not one to move out of the country for a year, but I took that leap of faith, and I can't imagine what my life would be like now without having had these experiences. This year has inspired me to keep exploring and creating new and exciting life memories.