Transportation in Spain


The transportation system in Madrid is very extensive and really impressive. Coming from Nebraska, the only transportation available were busses that only run to a few areas downtown. The public transportation in Omaha is not very good, so I was shocked and amazed at how extensive Madrid's transportation system is. They have around 10 different metro lines throughout the city, countless lines of busses (including night busses that run all night long), inter-city trains, mid-distance trains, taxis and uber. I use the metro everyday to get to school on my 50 minute commute. I also use the busses frequently to get around the city. 

How do people get around?:

Most people walk, since Madrid a big city, and there is lots of traffic. I walk a few miles per day just getting to school, my apartment, the grocery store, etc. If somewhere is too far to walk, people will take the metro, bus or trains.

How did I feel when I tried this way of getting around?:

I was a little nervous to figure out the metro system, since I never lived anywhere with this before. However, I was surprised at how easy and straightfoward the system is to figure out. The metro system is clearly labeled with what stops the trains are going to. Also in many cities, different metro lines will share the same track.