Getting to know Benaya

Where do you live? What is your house like?:

I live in an area of Jerusalem called "Holyland." It is an area with seven high-rise apartment buildings that overlook a lot of the city. It has a really incredible view in the evenings. I live on the tenth floor of the third apartment building. The buildings are very new and technologically advanced. I have a lovely balcony overlooking the big stadium in Jerusalem and I have a huge kitchen to cook big Shabbat dinners! 

What is your family like?:

My family is very large and very spread out. My parents both live primarily in the United States. I live most of the year by myself in Jerusalem. My family, which includes my parents and my four siblings, come to Jerusalem during the major Jewish holidays like Sukkot. Sometimes some of them will visit for Shabbat dinner. Though we are spread out, we have an awesome family group chat where we share how we're doing and fun videos we have stumbled across or of my neices and nephews. 

How do you get around?:

I am very lucky to have my own car. It is hard to get around Jerusalem with a car, but it is very useful for getting around Israel. Besides my car, I use the amazing bus and lightrail system(s) in Jerusalem and Israel. There are bus stops everywhere I need to go, and one is right outside my apartment building. I also have a few friends with cars so sometimes they will pick me up and take me where I need to go if the buses are not running and/or my car is in the shop.

What types of clothing do you like to wear?:

When I am working, I have a uniform to wear.