Getting to know Benaya

I have to wear hiking pants, sneakers, a blue shirt and a baseball hat. I spend most of my time outdoors with the groups I work with, making sure that everyone is healthy and happy. Outside of that, I can wear whatever I like. I usually am outdoors so I wear comfy adventure clothes like loose jeans and t-shirts! 

What do you like to do in your free time?:

I love to spend my free time playing guitar or being outdoors. I am currently finishing recording my first album! There are a number of places to hike and climb around Jerusalem, and there is even the Jerusalem forest to adventure around in. The transportation in Israel is great and can take someone fairly close to a variety of outdoor adventure areas! 

What language(s) do you speak? How do you say "Hello" in your language?:

I speak Hebrew and English fluently, but I can also speak a bit of Italian because my father was born in Italy. To say "Hello" in Hebrew, you say "shalom", which literally translates to "peace" or "harmony". It is probably the most used word in Hebrew! There are a variety of other ways to say things that suggest "Hello," such as "good morning" which in Hebrew is boker tov. Or, you can say, "ma kore"? which is asking someone what is new or up with them! 

Do you have pets?:

I have a dog named Bobby. Before my sister moved to the United States with her husband and son, they got a dog. They left shortly after adopting him, but were unable to take him to America, so I inherited him! He is an adorable miniature poodle that I enjoy taking out for walks and on adventures.