Food is Everywhere!


As I travel around the city, there is food everywhere! It is not limited to restaurants but also found at food stands in between shops or by the bus stations. The aroma fills the streets, and people can try almost anything from candied fruits to fish cakes on skewers or enter a restaurant where they cook the meat in front of you. 

What food did I try?:

I tried grilled meat that came with banchan, or traditional side dishes. Banchan is something that every restaurant serves when people dine in and can include kimchi (a fermented cabbage), kongnamul muchim (soybean sprouts) and oi nuchim (cucumber salad). 

While walking around the city I saw different food stands that offered many different foods. I tried tanghulu, which is a candied fruit on a skewer, including strawberries, grapes and tangerines.  

Nearby there was a Korean fried chicken restaurant. Korean fried chicken is different from American, since it often comes with a sauce, and they also give you the whole chicken not just the wings or thighs!

How did I feel when I tried it?:

It felt great to be able to try new foods that I hadn't had before since it gave me more insight into the importance that food has in this culture.