Eastman's Journey to Morocco

Current Location

Tameslouht, Morocco

Salam Aalaykum! (Peace be upon you!) My name is Eastman, and I am so happy to be back in Morocco and sharing my experiences here with you! Join me as I live, study and conduct research in Rabat.


This past week was full of traveling for business and for fun! My friend and business partner, Andrew, visited from the U.S. to see firsthand everything that I have been preparing for our NGO.


I am packing up my things this week and heading south to Tameslouht to begin my research, projects and workshops in the Al Haouz region. I have found an apartment already and preparing for the move!

Field Notes

Morocco is a developing country, however, this transition to a developed country is still in its infancy. The need for basic public services and economic opportunities hinders Morocco's growth.


The Kasbah of the Oudayas was built in the 10th Century AD by the reigning Amazigh Amoravid Dynasty. Over the centuries, it has been captured and renovated. It is now a tourist and residential area.