Vroom Vroom Scoot Scoot


Historically, horse pulled carriages called delman or rickshaws pulled by bike were common in Indonesia. The Delmans used to be popular among upper-class Indonesians, but many cities now forbid or restrict where delmans can go because of the horse droppings that follow them. If you do see delmans they are usually in very popular tourist areas on Java Island. Rickshaws, however, can still be seen in many parts of Indonesia. Traditionally, they were a covered seat pulled by a pedal bicycle, but today a motorbike often pulls them. These Rickshaws can still be seen, but they are not the most common form of transportation anymore; instead, motorbikes and scooters rule supreme. 

How do people get around?:

In Indonesia, most people get around using scooters or motorbikes. These bikes are smaller than the motorcycles we see in the States and cannot go as fast. Instead, most people only go 10-30 km an hour in cities and maybe up to 40 or 50 miles per hour in the countryside. Most people own their own motorbike, but there also are motorbike taxis called ojeks. Recently, more and more of these ojeks are called through apps like Go-Jek or Grab. In addition to scooters, there are some cars and smaller trucks.