A Taste of Indonesia


Since being here I have noticed a couple of things about Indonesian food: 1) It often is surprisingly spicy! 2) Peanuts are used heavily in sauces 3) Rice is eaten at every meal of the day and 4) People often order food from food stalls or Warungs where they point at the food they want to order. 

One odd fact about eating in Indonesia: Knives are very rare. Locals don't use knives at all; instead, they use a fork and a spoon. The spoon acts as a knife. 

What food did I try?:

I have tried many local Indonesian dishes since coming here; everything from Sate Ayam (Sauteed Chicken) to Gado Gado. You would think a peanut sauce wouldn't be spicy but think again. Sate Ayam often comes with several chilies on top or mixed in. The first time I came to Indonesia, I took a cooking class where they showed us how to make Sate Ayam and the famous peanut sauce that is in so much Indonesian food. For the tourists, they usually put one chili in the sauce, but the locals often enjoy 5 or 6 chilies. Thoguh I thought one chili was a little spicy, I did dare to try the 6 chili sauce. While Sate Ayam is the classic chicken dish you can get at restaurants or from street vendors, Gado Gado is a popular Indonesian salad.