Farewell From Afar

Yet while I really do love my home, traveling the world and meeting people from different cultures has been the highlight of my life, so far. Since leaving home, I have realized that people in other parts of the world really are not that different than me! While another person's experiences growing up may be very different to the ones you experienced, I bet you still have at least one thing in common. Maybe you both like lemonade on hot days or singing Taylor Swift songs in the shower. Or maybe you both just love puppies! Human connection is universal and brings so much joy to life! I dare you to talk to someone from a different culture and ask them questions about their life. This experience will enrich your life!

3. You can do big things by taking big chances.

When I was in third grade, I never believed I would ever have the opportunity to travel the world. As I grew older, I challenged myself to do things that would take me out of my comfort zone. I got involved in lots of clubs and sports in high school, even though I was nervous. I worked hard to apply to colleges and scholarships, even though I worried about leaving home. And most recently, I applied to study abroad on a brand new continent, even though I had little idea where my journey would lead. Through lots of hard work and some doubts, many of my dreams have become realities. There is no right "type" of successful person. You are exactly who you need to be. No single person can tell you that you are not capable of overcoming an obstacle. You can make choices that will make your dreams a reality. I dare you to chase your dreams and fiercely!