Farewell From Afar

And lastly, before I go, there are a handful of people who deserve a shout out to say, thank you! First of all, thank you to my mom! My mom has been my biggest supporter throughout my life so far. She always has my back and supports even my wildest goals. Thank you, too, to all my teachers, both from Redfield and from Macalester, that have pushed me to excel and to never stop learning. Thank you also to the many scholarship programs, including the Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad, as these have enabled me to take these big chances without having to worry about the financial cost. I need to say thank you to my friends for the constant laughs and support. And lastly, thank you to you, third graders! I'm so thankful to have brought you along with me on this journey. Until I see you next, don't forget to dream big!!