Grace's Journey to South Korea

Current Location

Gumi, South Korea

My name is Grace Meharg and I am in South Korea! I am teaching English to elementary students as part of the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program. Come along as I share South Korea with you!


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This is my last journal entry to you! It is sad to end our journey together, but I am glad we got to know each other. Let's look back on our journey together and all that we've learned! 

Field Notes

What nature lives in your neighborhood? What flowers or animals do you see as you go to and from school? Read on to learn about some of the plants and animals I see almost every day, here, in Gumi!


Spring has sprung in Korea! See some photos of beautiful cherry blossoms, one of the most beloved features of spring in Korea. I also visited some festivals in Gumi and in Jinhae! Take a look!