Traveler Bio

Ahn-yeong-ha-sey-yo! (Hello!) My name is Grace Meharg and I am soon going to be an English teacher in South Korea! 

My home state is New Jersey where I love to spend time with my family and dog, eat good bagels and pizza, and visit New York City. I left home to go to college in Indiana where I studied elementary education and middle school math. While in college, I learned a lot about teaching and also came to love the beauty of Indiana sunsets and cornfields! After I graduated, I moved back to New Jersey where I now practice the Korean language and am preparing for my trip. 

In January, I will be leaving New Jersey to live in South Korea for a year. There, I will teach English to elementary students through the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Program. I am so grateful to have this chance to learn more about teaching and explore South Korea. 

South Korea is important to me because my mom was born in South Korea! I can’t wait to learn more about my Korean culture and practice speaking Korean while I am there. As I share my journey with you, I hope you can learn more about life in South Korea and see the world in a new way. I can’t wait for us to get to know each other as we ask big questions and stay curious about the world around us!