Goodbye for now!

Gumi, South Korea
36.207309000000, 128.355553200000
Journal Entry:

Hello, Mr. McHenry’s class! This is the last journal I will share with you on our journey together in South Korea. I’m sad our journey is over, but I feel happy that we got to know each other. 

When we began our journey, I was still getting used to Gumi. I would often accidentally walk in circles, or need to use my online map app. I found both the bus system and the act of calling a taxi to be a little bit scary because both were so new to me. However, now I take the bus every week and have called many taxis! I’ve found two cafes that I love and different routes I like to walk in my neighborhood. My host family and I are still getting to know each other, but we are much more comfortable now than we were at the start of my visit. I’m still learning about Gumi, but it’s started to feel like my city instead of a city I’m visiting. New places can be scary at first but can with time start to feel like home. I’m glad I could share this growing process with you.

I also loved getting to share my life with you through our video calls! It was fun to share some snacks with you and answer your questions about Korea. I also liked your questions about my favorite games or meals. Seeing your faces all the way in Indiana made me feel very happy!