Royal Azaleas and Magpies!


As I showed you in my album, spring has sprung in Korea! However, cherry blossoms aren’t the only flowers that make the spring in Korea so beautiful. Royal azalea flowers are some of my neighborhood's most beautiful and plentiful flowers. In addition to flowers, I also see birds here in Gumi, including one of the most common birds in Korea, the magpie. Read on to learn more about this common Korean flower and this bird that you may not have seen before!

What does this creature or plant look like?:

Royal azaleas are brightly colored flowers that come in shades of white, red, pink and purple. The royal azalea has five petals with slightly rounded tips on the end. These flowers grow on bushes that sometimes look like small trees. As for magpies, these are birds that are a little bit smaller than crows. They are black from their head to their tail and have a white stomach. On their wings, magpies have their signature bluish-black feathers that are tipped with white.  

How did I feel when I saw it?:

Seeing bright royal azaleas always makes me feel happy on a spring day when I’m on a hike or walking down the street. I also enjoy seeing magpies with their beautiful blue-black wings, flying through the sky. An old Korean saying states that when you hear a magpie sing, good luck or welcome guests will come to your home.