Travel News

How far did I travel this week?:

I traveled 5,777 miles from Delhi, India to Cape Town, South Africa to continue my multi-national journey.

How far have I traveled on this journey so far?:

I started my journey in Washington D.C. and traveled 7,472 miles to Delhi, India. From Delhi, I traveled another 5,777 miles to Cape Town, South Africa. That is a total of 13,249 miles so far! Plus, we still have to get to Brazil!

How did I get around this week?:

I tend to travel by Uber in the city because that is what was recommmended to us by our country coordinators. If I am not using an Uber ride, I try to stretch my legs and walk to my destinations.  

What was the most interesting place I visited this week?:

The most interesting place I visited this week was the Heart of Cape Town Museum, which was initially a hospital that was founded in 1938. It is best known for housing the first successful human heart transplant, which was conducted by the surgeon Christiaan Barnard on the patient Louis Washkansky. The museum opened on December 3, 2007 for the public as a way to mark the 40th anniversary of the first heart successful heart transplant surgery. 

When my classmates and I first walked in, we were directed into a theater-like room, where a video played to give us the backstory about Christian Barnard.