Jisel's Journey to Mexico

Current Location

Puebla, Mexico

Hi! My name is Jisel Gomez and I am spending the fall semester of my junior year in Puebla, Mexico! I will be taking classes in Spanish and am excited to share with you all that I learn, eat and see!


The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. Mexico City is just a two-hour drive from Puebla! Did you know that Mexico City is built on a lake, so it is constantly sinking?


My time in Mexico has come to an end, but I am leaving with so many new memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Field Notes

Puebla has a unique environment. The city of Puebla is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. Puebla is also suceptible to earthquakes. 


Guanajuato is a state in central Mexico. I visited Guanajuato City and San Miguel de Allende. They were both beautiful! Guanajuato is my favorite place I've visited in Mexico.