Kaitlin's Journey to Slovakia

Current Location

Košice Slovakia

Join me on my journey to Slovakia! For the next year, I will be teaching English in Košice, Slovakia's second-largest city.


This week was Fall Break. I spent the first few days in Warsaw, Poland for a conference, then I traveled to Scotland to see Edinburgh and Glasgow. This logbook will focus on my time in Scotland.


It's already time to say goodbye. In my last post, I want to share with you some lessons that I have learned during the first part of my time in Slovakia.

Field Notes

It’s the time I’ve been waiting for most since I arrived - Christmas Markets! These are a huge tradition here in Europe, dating back to the 1300s.


I traveled to Budapest for the day with my friend Nate. We wanted to see the Christmas Markets there. Christmas Markets are a popular tradition in Europe and can be found in most major cities.