The Tradition of Christmas Markets


So far I have been to about a dozen different Christmas markets in three different cities: Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Budapest (Hungary). I also have plans to see them in Košice (Slovakia), Prešov (Slovakia), Frankfurt (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic). In seeing so many different markets, I have learned the origins, differences and similarities between them. I love getting to experience this wonderful time and tradition.

What tradition did I learn about?:

One tradition that can be found in Slovakia and across Europe is Christmas Markets. Christmas Markets can be found in many cities, both big and small. Larger cities typically have more than one. In Vienna, I went to seven! Christmas In markets you can find traditional foods, hot drinks and homemade gifts for sale. Every Christmas Market is a little different. The stalls for the businesses are designed a bit differently and the foods change depending on the location, to reflect the traditional foods in that area. At some Christmas Markets, you can go ice skating, go on nature walks, and see live manger scenes. Many have live music with choirs and bands. At all of them there are Christmas lights everywhere! It is my favorite tradition that I've observed during my time here.