Košice Slovakia
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Journal Entry:

Wow! I cannot believe that our time together is already over! I hope you enjoyed following my journey and learning about Slovakia. It's also crazy for me to think that my time here in Slovakia is almost half over. I hope you have learned a lot - I have also learned a lot myself on this journey.

Travel teaches me so much, both about the world and about myself. Some things that I have learned are not as surprising, such as learning some Slovak to get through each day. I have learned some Celsius temperatures. For example I know that 0 Celsius is 32 Farenheit and 30 Celsius is 85 Farenheit. My host mom taught me how to cook chicken soup - a food you have to have at Sunday lunch.

There have also been some things I've learned that have surprised me. For example, in Europe you eat with your fork in your left hand and knife in your right hand (small change, but still different). I have learned that in communicating, context is everything. For example, when an old woman gets on the bus, I stand to give her my seat. If she takes it, she says d'akujem (thank you). If she does not, she will say something else and often put her hand on my shoulder or make a gesture that tells me to stay seated. I don't always know the exact thing she is saying, but her gestures tell me enough to understand.