Kayla's Journey to Botswana

Current Location

Masunga, Botswana

Hello! I'm Kayla, and I am a Clinic and Health Team volunteer with the Peace Corps. For six months, I have been living in the beautiful country of Botswana. I can’t wait to share with you!


The last two weeks have been very busy with travel around Botswana! I'm super excited to be visiting Palapye for the first time. Each village has so much to explore! 


There are so many ways to explore the world! I love exploring as a volunteer because I feel connected to the community in which I live. This week, I’ll share more about being a Peace Corps volunteer!

Field Notes

This week, let's learn about all the delicious food in Botswana! 'Dijo' is the word for food in Setswana. There are a lot of new things to try - so let's get started!


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