Living in a Coastal Community


The town of Tofo Beach is a very unique place. It is a coastal community that relies on the ocean to survive. Tofo started out as a small fishing village. Slowly the town got bigger as locals and visitors realized how productive Tofo's waters are. Now Tofo is a busy town with a bustling tourism industry. People travel from all over the world to explore the coral reefs off the coast with hopes of encountering the amazing animals that call the reefs home. 

What makes this environment special or different?:

People make the trip to Tofo to see the whale sharks and the manta rays that can be seen all year here. The animals come to Tofo Beach for a specific reason, food. Strong ocean currents pull nutrient-rich, cool water full of plankton (the thing whale sharks and manta rays love to eat) close to shore, and pull the warmer water back out to the open ocean. These currents make it so there is a constant food source, which is why you can see whale sharks and manta rays here all year long! This nutrient-rich water brought by the currents also creates the perfect environment for coral reefs. Healthy coral reefs lead to lots of fish in the area! Many people in Tofo fish every day for food for themselves, and to sell at the market.