Nature News

Number of sunny days this week: 2
Number of cloudy days this week: 5
Number of rainy days this week: 2
Number of snowy days this week: 2
Number of windy days this week: 0
What is the air temperature right now in Fahrenheit?: 35
How was the weather this week?:

This week was the first colder week of the year. The temperature ranged from the 20s to the 30s. We got a little bit of snow, but it was mainly mixed with rain, so it wasn't very pretty and also didn't stick.

What animals did I see this week? :

The only animals I usually see in the city are dogs and birds. Dogs in Germany are normally extremely well trained, so much so that people don't always walk them on a leash. I also see LOTS of pigeons in the city. They are everywhere, and I find them really annoying!

What was the coolest thing I saw in nature this week?:

I went to the Saarschleife this weekend with my roommate. It's a part of the river where it bends like a horseshoe. You can hike trails all around, and in the summer, there's a ferry that takes you around the horseshoe bend.

Other Nature News from this week:

German winters are famous for being very grim. They are very long, grey and dark. This kind of weather doesn't allow for much fun to happen outdoors.