Embedding Travel Into Everyday Life

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
47.886398800000, 106.905743900000
Journal Entry:

Hello class! How are you all? I can’t believe that this is the last article I get to write for you guys. I hope you have learned a lot about Mongolia, but more importantly, learned how cool, interesting and important it is to understand other cultures. When you are aware of the perspectives and lifestyles of other people, even if they seem really far away or different from you, this awareness can enrich everything you do! Today I’d like to write about how living and thinking globally has an everlasting impact.

I have now been in Mongolia for four months. Even though I will move back to the United States in July, my experiences in Mongolia will inevitably inform my future. For example, as a teacher, I can better help my students understand how they fit into the larger global community. As a researcher, I can conduct studies that will improve life for a diverse range of people. As an inventor, I can design products that take into account what communities across the globe want and need. And as an author, I can write words that convey the beauty and humanity of others; words that demonstrate how people are really more similar than different.