A Walk Through Ulaanbaatar


A sculpture outside Shangri-La, Ulaanbaatar's fanciest mall.
That building with the orange rim is the National Wrestling Palace. Everybody is bundled because it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit outside!
In Ulaanbaatar, Christmas is not a national holiday, but a couple places like the Shangri-La mall will still decorate with a Christmas tree.
People waiting for the bus on Peace Avenue, Ulaanbaatar's main street. Those little brown buildings are shops that sell snacks, drinks and other knickknacks.
Children all bundled up as they walk along the street.
Peace Avenue is the busiest street in Ulaanbaatar. It is flanked by stores and restaurants on either side.
This bridge runs along Peace Avenue as you enter the heart of downtown. In the background, you can see apartment buildings where people live.
Yikes! Look at all those cars! Ulaanbaatar is notorious for traffic.