Travel News

How far did I travel this week?:

This week I traveled about an hour and a half, or about 114 km (70.8363 mi) to Wittenberg. This is a cute little city that is known as a spa town, and it has amusements for any visitor. This calm little town felt a bit like a toy town.

How far have I traveled on this journey so far?:

So far, the farthest I have traveled has been to the coastal city of Rostock. The seagulls (Möwenvögel) attacked anyone who was not under an umbrella, if they had food. It's a fun place to go as along as you are not eating, and it has a lovely beach to visit in the summer.

How did I get around this week?:

Like a true Berliner, I used the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and tram on a daily basis. The general cost for all of these modes of transport ranges from 36 euros to 86 euros per month. The larger price gives a person the ability to connect to lines beyond Berlin, allowing for cheap easy travel for everyone. This gives a reason that many individuals in Germany travel a lot!

What was the most interesting place I visited this week?:

This week I was able to visit a very traditional Asian market, mainly focusing on Vietnamese goods. I loved the knock-off Gucci items and other high brands for just 20 bucks!