Greetings from Nadoon Students!


Hi everyone! For this week's Field Note, I interviewed four students at Nadoonprachasan School: BB (15 years old), Max (14 years old), Poom (14 years old), and PP (13 years old). These students are in Mattayom One, Two, and Three. Those are about the same as seventh, eighth, and ninth grade. I edited together their interview answers here. 

I wanted to pick students to interview who are about the same age as you all at Northfield Middle School. They are some of my youngest students, so you might notice that they gave a lot of simple answers. This is because their English speaking level is pretty low. Imagine having to answer questions in German or French. That would be pretty hard, right? So I'm really proud of them for the answers they were able to give!

[Note: I tried to type down their answers to be as true to what they said as possible. But sometimes I added in little notes like this to make things more clear.]

One more thing! To make this more fun, I also had my older students create videos introducing themselves to you. They are sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school. I taught them a bit about Northfield, and they were very excited about talking to all of you! If you want to send some introductions back to them, please let me know. They would love that! You can watch their videos here: