Wuhan’s Best Restaurant


October 1st through October 5th is known as China’s Golden Week. It is a national holiday across the country, so school is out and vacation is in! For the first half of this week, my best friends from my time abroad in Hangzhou came to visit me in Wuhan. We visited many different tourist sites in Wuhan together, but more importantly, we ate at a bunch of Wuhan’s well-known restaurants. One restaurant, called 巴厘龙虾(bali longxia) or Bali Lobster in English, serves some of  Wuhan’s best seafood, including lobster, crawfish, shrimp and crab. There were about four different locations of this restaurant on the same street--that’s how popular and famous this place is!

What food did I try?:

I tried Bali Lobster's most popular dishes. Before we ordered, my friend, 葛洋洋(Ge Yangyang), used Dianping (China’s version of Yelp) to find the restaurant’s best dishes. We ordered 凉面(liangmian, cold noodles), 麻辣小龙虾(mala xiao longxia, spicy crawfish) and 油焖蟹(youmen xie, stewed crab). I’m a big fan of seafood, and after walking around all day, this meal was just what I needed! By the time the food came, I was ready to eat anything. Each platter was served in a classy black bowl, and all the shellfish still had their hard skeletons, which we had to crack open.